Keith Simon

Keith is the architect and engineer of our adventures. No one is more dedicated to The Journeymen. His experience as a Boy Scout Leader and paramedic come in handy when it comes to planning and executing Journeymen trips. On the trail Keith is the quiet type, but he always keeps a watchful eye over the group. If any member has a need for an item on the trail Keith usually has it stored within reach. As a fee for this capability Keith only requires 1/5th of wild turkey bourbon every 4 days.

Mike Simon

Mike is the free spirit and motivator of the group. He is responsible for suppling the necessary spark which fuels The Journeymen onward and upward. Out on the trail, Mike is usually the person lifting spirits on a rainy/snowy day or exalting the latest triumph. Sometimes he will even go so far as to transform into an alter-ego such as pee-wee herman or spiderman when conditions are right.

Clint Simon

Clint is the founder of the group - suggesting a week long hike on the Wonderland Trail in Seattle,WA in 2001. Always the logical thinker and with a common sense aprroach to hiking, Clint loves then outdoors so much he moved to Seattle in 1998 and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. While happily married now and raising 2 beautiful daughters, Clint remains one of the anchors of the Cajun Journeymen.

Jeff Simon

Jeff is the consummate pro, while young in age he is long on experience. As an eagle scout Jeff serves as a pillar for the group, driving the team to cover ground, setting up camp and

Brian Guidry

Brian is a man out to push his own limits. Having never been on a mountain in his entire life, Brian completed 3 grueling adventures with The Journeymen in Colorado and Yosemite. He even endured constant razzing from the group in the process! By the way, if you meet Brian, don’t bring up half dome. Michael Guidry

Neal Simon

Neal is the hellcat. Willing to charge ahead to unknown territory and carry fellow Journeymen piggy-back over a stream. No one is more gung-ho than Neal, not even close.

Jeremy Simon

Bill Vidacovich

Jeffery Vidacovich

Erroll Babineaux

Walter “Coon Watch” Comeaux

John “Yankee” Zuschlag

Justin “Dingo” Back